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Titanium Heat Plate for Hair Straightener

Product Detail Information

1. Competitiveness

  • The world's first All pure titanium Heater plate hair
  • Straightener iron is a new creation.
  • The new method, Titanium manufacturing : TMIM (Titanium Multi Injection Molding)
  • Various forms and size production
  • Quality : pure titanium & Alloy
  • Minimum Loss Allowance
  • Cost Reduction
  • 2D&3D pure titanium mass production, automated production
  • Price : Excellent price

2. Compariosn chart

Titanium Coating Aluminum plate
All pure titanium plate
Melting temperature
Titanium Coating Thickness
0.001mm Below
All pure titanium
The surface
the coating is easy to damage
corruption is not
200C : as soft aluminum.
Slides bad.
regardless of temperature.
Slides well
slip for various materials is coated
coating is required
Static electricity
depending on the type of coating occurs
does not occur
paint and color coating
titanium metal natural color
existing products
the world's first new releases
coating occurs according to the electrostatic
100% non-magnetic. No static electricity
coating depending on the cause
100% allergy-free
Titanium 6 times weaker
6 times stronger that aluminum

3. Features

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance (Anti-Corrosion)
  • High Strength : Twice of the iron, 6 times of the aluminum
  • Light Weighted : 60% of iron and stainless
  • Bio-compatible (No harm to human body)
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Low Thermal Conduction
  • 3 Dimensional Titanium
  • Diverse Colors - Enable to realize colors on the surface

4. B2B : OEM production, joint business, franchise marketing, branch office
5. Order Production : Drawings, we'll send the estimates.


  • Heat Plate for hair straightener


  1. All Titanium iron plate
    - FOB Price : USD 5.00$ (1 Set 2 ea)
    - Size : 120mm * 24mm * 8 mm
  2. Aluminum Titanium thermal spray coating iron plate
    - FOB Price : USD 3.00$ (1 Set 2 ea)
    - Size : 120mm x 24mm x 8 mm
  3. Order Production : Various of forms and size

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