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Ion Water Purifier Electrode Titanium Plate

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[MTIG Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

1. Competitiveness

  • The new method, Titanium manufacturing : TMIM (Titanium Multi Injection Molding)
  • Various forms and size production
  • Quality : more than 99% pure titanium
  • Minimum Loss Allowance
  • Cost Reduction
  • 2D&3D pure titanium mass production, automated production
  • Price : Excellent price

2. Features

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance (Anti-Corrosion)
  • High Strength : Twice of the iron, 6 times of the aluminum
  • Light Weighted : 60% of iron and stainless
  • Bio-compatible (No harm to human body)
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Low Thermal Conduction
  • 3 Dimensional Titanium
  • Diverse Colors - Enable to realize colors on the surface

3. B2B : OEM production, joint business, franchise marketing, branch office
4. Order Production : Drawings, we'll send the estimates.


  • Ion Water Purifier
  • Etc


  • Order Production : Various of forms and size

MTIG Co.,Ltd. (Material Technical Innovation Group)

1.  Production and sales of titanium powder


2.  Titanium PM parts manufacturing & sales


3.  Titanium MIM parts manufacturing & sales


4.  Titanium plasma thermal spray coating (Coatings in air)


5.  Surface treatment in natural titanium colors


6.  Materials for sale