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Titanium Parts Raw Material

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[MTIG Co., Ltd.]

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Properties : pure titanium, titanium alloy, special-order titanium
Standard : First the prototype is provided. Customizable in types including the two- or three-dimensional moldings
Raw material loss : the minimum rate of more than 30 percent
Processing : reduction in primary conversion cost
Production : Reduction in processing steps by more than 30 percent
Price : Affordable (with new processing method)
Packaging : Small-sized packaging imports available
Advantages : lower sales price and increasing profit
B2B : OEM production, joint business, franchise marketing, branch office

- Rings, Parts, Pendant Raw Material


  1. Titanium rings Raw Materials :
    - Size : diameter 24mm, Inner 15mm, the height of 7mm, (Price : USD 0.60$)
  2. Titanium plate
    -Size : horizontal 45mm, width 45mm, the height of 4mm, (Price : USD 1.50$)
  3. Order Production : Various of forms and size
    When you order a variety of materials in the form of titanium will send prices

MTIG Co.,Ltd. (Material Technical Innovation Group)

1.  Production and sales of titanium powder


2.  Titanium PM parts manufacturing & sales


3.  Titanium MIM parts manufacturing & sales


4.  Titanium plasma thermal spray coating (Coatings in air)


5.  Surface treatment in natural titanium colors


6.  Materials for sale