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Titanium Thermal Spray Coating

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[MTIG Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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  1. Titanium spray coating
  2. 1-time coating, corrosion protection for 100 years
  3. Any form, shape, equipment, ok
  4. Is to spray . It is easy to coating.
  5. Raw materials, direct manufacturing
  6. Competitive price, excellent
  7. Technology transfer, ok. Agency, office, OK
  8. Material sales, OK
  9. Contact me if you're interested
  10. Titanium manufacturing companies
  11. Related patents, 10 held Usage
  12. Coating the surface "ROHS" certification

 1. Construction sector:

  • Wind power generation towers Solar Panel Frame (Steel, the coating on the titanium)
  • Existing aluminum is expensive. Steel is cheaper.
  • Is the corrosion of aluminum.
  • Aluminum is weak.
  • Building H beam,
  • Building Exterior Materials (Tile, roof, outdoor stairs, etc.),
  • Coastal areas, streetlights, Highway guide rail,
  • Sea port structures (platform, etc.),
  • Airport Railway construction, Chemical tank, dam,
  • Other corrosion protection equipment

2. Marine areas:
Marine spray coating, spray coating inside cargo tanks, Seawater heat exchanger, such as sea water tanks,

3. Other:
Open-air antenna and fixed devices, automotive parts, HACCP certified factory, (a substitute for stainless steel), other

4. Titanium Functionally Graded Coating


MTIG Co.,Ltd. (Material Technical Innovation Group)

1.  Production and sales of titanium powder


2.  Titanium PM parts manufacturing & sales


3.  Titanium MIM parts manufacturing & sales


4.  Titanium plasma thermal spray coating (Coatings in air)


5.  Surface treatment in natural titanium colors


6.  Materials for sale