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titanium Bracelet

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1. Titanium powder injection molding parts manufacturing, sales
2. Titanium powder manufacturing, sales (Ti, 325-625 mesh)
3.. Plastic injection manufacturing process is similar.
4. KFDA standards "biological safety test" (test animals, including transplant) pass
5. Dental Implant packaging components: Top bushing, stop bushing, etc., manufacture and sale
6. Technology transfer agreement
7. Local plants can be installed

8. Jewellery Division, Brand “SWANEE”
KBS TV program sponsorship "speak of the beauties"
Social marketing sales in Korea NO 1
9. Incheon Airport Duty Free Shop neighbor
10. Insadong in Seoul "luxury that tourism neighbor"
11. Contact me if interested.
12. SEOUL FAIR Exhibitors
13. The data relating to attachment

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